Moyers Tells the Story of “Two American Families”

Bill Moyers always has his finger on the pulse of what moves Americans.  He gives voice to the average citizen’s concerns.  I’m a huge fan of his work.  Moyers’ focus, analysis and reporting are examples of journalism at its best.  His guests are among the most informed on topics that truly matter to we the people.  If you haven’t become acquainted with his work yet, check him out!

On the next Moyers & Company, he’ll give some background on the reporting he did for the Frontline documentary, “Two American Families.”   This is a story that unfolded over the last 20 years—for the families featured and for too many others in this country.  Moyers’ forethought and follow through are impressive.  Beginning July 9, this Frontline program will be available on television and online.  Tell a friend.

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