Who stole the American Dream?

Yes, I’m making another movie recommendation, but this one is not heartwarming or humorous.   “Heist: Who Store the American Dream” is a well-researched and sobering review of the last four decades.  This film documents the simple plan that enabled corporations to attain their current powerful status.  From the memorandum “Attack on the American Free Enterprise System” penned by corporate attorney Lewis F. Powell, Jr., in 1971 to the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision in 2010 that ensured corporate campaign financing could select our legislators, “Heist” reveals how unregulated business’ interests turned the “American Dream” into a nightmare for most of we the people. To the filmmakers credit, they conclude their documentary with a hopeful message: that the best in humanity will prevail to collaborate and create a sustainable world with “liberty and justice for all.” Check it out!

5 responses to “Who stole the American Dream?

  1. Great. Another one of these economically illiterate Michael Moore type films. This trailer is nothing more than an emotional rant, complaining that the top 1% own so much more wealth than everyone else (as if it weren’t true under more socialist systems). And as for the one bit of economics that can be remarked on, calling NAFTA a (legitimate) free-trade agreement is akin to calling a ship a plane because the ship has the word PLANE written on it.

  2. I’m gon’a check it out. We won’t see any real change until those in government or those corporate fat cats are put in a position where they feel threatened. Public Enemy use to say “fight the power”.

    • Hmmm…I’m not familiar with PE’s music. Although, I’ve heard that expression in connection with their name. I wonder if their provocative name and lyrics generated positive social change?

      Working to ensure that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes is a worthwhile endeavor. Just one example of positive steps we can take to create a sustainable world.

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