Romney’s degrading comments about 47% of Americans exposes what he really thinks

When I saw the breaking news about “47% video” on Mother Jones that features U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney schmoozing wealthy donors and trashing nearly half of our citizenry, I was shocked and horrified. I had never heard such a bald-faced admission of what I’d often suspected might be the super rich’s opinion of the “lower classes.”

And there it was for all to see. This is what members of the elite class are concerned about and discuss over their $50K-A-Plate dinners with a U.S. presidential candidate.

In the video, Romney described 47% of Americans as people “who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it…”

Yes, I do feel entitled to those basic human needs. And I would put a living wage “job” at the top of the list of things I always thought I could count on as a hard-working American.  How can Corporate Raider Romney consider people’s jobs, health care, homes, and food wasteful “entitlements” and then claim that “I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Romney’s remarks sounded like the British aristocracy who stole Irish land, threw the Irish people into the streets and let them starve to death while claiming they were lazy swine. Examples of this kind of callous greed are easy enough to find throughout human history.  And this video provides a perfect example!

As I was choking on this vile insult, the next thing that caught my attention was Romney commending the workers at a factory in China he’d visited for toiling long hours and living in crowded dormitories. He seemed to be comparing them to the 47% of Americans who he claims only want a handout from the government.

As president, what would Romney do for Americans who’ve lost their jobs and everything else? Would he profit from the prison industrial complex by simply imprisoning the destitute? Why not? It’s already a profitable corporate enterprise.  Then Romney’s elite funders could have slave labor in America just like the factory workers in China Romney praised so highly.

I was glad to see this video go viral.  I hope the repercussions will wake up  and mobilize not only the 47% but the 99% of American people to demand our elected representatives provide a government that works for our benefit and not to enslave us for corporate profits.

Americans don’t want a government handout. We want to work and we want our president to work  for all of  us. Mitt Romney made it very clear whose interests he will serve if he somehow manages to obtain his goal after exposing himself to the world.

10 responses to “Romney’s degrading comments about 47% of Americans exposes what he really thinks

  1. In response to your first comment, I fully explained my reasoning in my two comments in response to your request.

    As far as the Romney comment? It seems a meme that only liberals seem to find counter-intuitive. In other words, reports such as the one you reference prove Romney right, not wrong..but ok, whatever makes you happy.

  2. Oh how I love irony! David Corn, who broke the story of the Romney 47% video on Mother Jones, has written an interesting post mortem on the election. Regarding Romney’s loss of the election with only 47% of the vote, Corn wrote: “Romney was the 47 percent man. And that’s how he is ending up.”

    “In a private post-election call with funders that was revealed by the New York Times, Romney explained his loss by saying that Obama had showered key parts of his coalition with “gifts,” by which he meant federal support for college loans, a health care law that allows children to remain on their parents’ policies, and an executive order that permits the children of undocumented residents to remain in the United States. With those comments—something of a sequel to his 47 percent tirade—Romney was failing to take personal responsibility, holding the government accountable for what happened to him, and portraying himself a victim. Now where have we heard that before?”

    You can read all of Corn’s comments here:

  3. CC, I was hoping we could focus on the issues too. So perhaps you might explain why you blogged that President Obama and Candy Crowley “lied” about his denouncement of the Benghazi attack as an “act of terror”? To write that they “lied” is an absurd, nonsensical claim! There is ample video footage of the president’s remarks. To continue to make this claim in the face of incontrovertible evidence is lying.

  4. And of course the irony is that he was proved right.

    This, of course, does not mean that he was “politically correct”, nor does it suggest that those very same people will stop whining and accept it.

    Oh well.

    • You know, Constructive Conservative, I’m beginning to wonder if you’re on the Koch brothers payroll because you just don’t make any sense. Your blog is perpetuating right-wing nonsense and lies.

      Romney was not “proved right.” The majority of Americans voted for President Obama because they support Democratic policies and reject Republican policies. Simple as that.

      • I’m a bit strapped for time after posting part I of my response to your comment elsewhere, but I never disputed that many of those voting for President Obama supported “Democratic policies” and rejected “Republican policies”.

        Take note that you are evidencing the liberal propensity to move away from the topic and attack the other side based on any number of other “characteristics”.

        Sounds a bit bigoted and prejudiced to me, but what next?

        Racist, homophobe, etc.?

        I had really thought there might be a chance to focus in on the issues.

  5. Post 2012 election comment: After hearing Romney’s phone conversation with his donors, it’s become abundantly clear how he feels about the majority of Americans. He thinks we’re just moochers who can be bought with “gifts.” I’m relieved that his personal wealth and his money men couldn’t buy this election for him. I don’t think Romney will ever grasp that the majority of American people rejected his values and his policies. Looks like the GOP is well on its way to irrelevance.

  6. Absolutely….That’s his whole point.

  7. “Americans don’t want a government hand-out.”

    Romney agrees.

    ” We want to work and we want our president to work for all of us. ”

    Romney agrees.

    “Mitt Romney made it very clear whose interests he will serve if he somehow manages to obtain his goal after exposing himself to the world.”

    Yes, he did. For people who believe exactly what you suggest in the two sentences I quoted.

    Glad I could clear that up!

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