Guns & Insanity in America

Why isn’t anyone with a national platform (note the two recent, big political conventions) talking about gun control? Have Americans simply accepted as routine the almost weekly random acts of gun violence by unstable people?

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate…and the lack of adequate health care (including diagnosis and treatment facilities) destroys many lives (especially the victims) with barely regulated weapons (thanks to the military industrial complex). This is the very sad reality about the “health” of our society.

Greed. This is the human animal’s main motivator and the root of all evil. But those who’ve attained the power to change this destructive system are powerless to overcome their own addiction to it. Guns, greed and globalization. It’s easier to kill people than to care for them–and far more profitable.  So I guess we can forget about Congress initiating  gun control legislation.

And the joke is on U.S., but we just don’t get it.

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