Corporations & Wealthy Americans: Must Pay Fair Share Taxes!

Since Corporations are “persons” and can spend unlimited amounts on political campaigns to “buy/own” U.S. legislators, then they should be required to pay their fair share of taxes just as other Americans are required to do. But with the “Citizens United” Supreme Court ruling, the wealthy and corporate overlords own our system of government and take full advantage of all the tax breaks, subsidies and political power their wealth can buy.

2 responses to “Corporations & Wealthy Americans: Must Pay Fair Share Taxes!

  1. I see where you are coming from. But it would seem better to cut off the flow of ill-gotten corporate profits in the first place, which as you said commonly is the result of their political pull.

    To me, it would seem that increasing tax revenues would give more reason for the rich who got their wealth by questionable means to collude with politicians more extensively than they already do.

    • Thanks for your response, Justin. I agree that we need to regulate corporate profiteering, and I think they still need to pay their fair share of taxes. This would at least force them to invest in a country that enabled them to amass such huge sums of money. But the malfeasance among the world’s banking and economic systems seems beyond repair because they own the legislators.

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