1.1.11 Greetings & Good Wishes

It’s New Year’s Day–again.  It’s 1.1.11, and I kicked off the day by updating my FB status and changing my profile pic to the Sun Tarot card. I thought it was a festive symbol for the holiday.

When I wrote my rent check, I noticed the unique numerical sequence of the date.  Yeah, it’s 1.1.11, and the world is still turning around, and the people of the Earth are still trying to figure out the meaning of it all.

Life continues. It just keeps unfolding through beginnings and endings, birthing and dying.  It’s all happening, all at once, all the time.  Think about it. Then imagine feeling comfortable while in a free fall.  Smile.

I cooked brunch for my housemates this morning because it’s what I like to do on New Year’s Day.  I tried a new gluten-free muffin mix and made some soft scrambled eggs.  Brewed some strong fair trade coffee too.

Marly read snippets of “Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2010” aloud from the Washington Post Magazine.  Barry’s  wry commentary about last year had us all laughing and kibitzing.  Fred Harper’s caricatures for the article captured Barry’s jesting perfectly!  Humor helped get our day and this year off to a great start. As Barry wrote, “And we can all take comfort in the fact that 2011 cannot possibly be worse. Unless, of course, this newly discovered asteroid…”

May we all go forth with grace into the unknown that awaits us in 2011, trusting  the pure light of truth to guide us, simple human kindness to sustain us and a healthy sense of humor to never fail us.

~Nan Logsdon Mandelkorn

One response to “1.1.11 Greetings & Good Wishes

  1. she’s right. the brunch was yummy.
    love the sentiments.
    i agree w/all.
    happy 2011

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