Is legal immigration a corporate controlled nightmare?

Take a look around and you’ll find plenty of evidence that the US immigration policy is controlled by corporations who decide where worker slaves can best serve their bottom line: in the US or in their country of origin.  Our corporate overlords turn the immigration spigot on and off.  They promote fear and controversy to keep citizens pitted against immigrants, while they outsource American jobs and suck profits from any available source.

It’s almost impossible to immigrate legally.  So desperate economic refugees enter the country any way they can. Then they can be easily exploited in low wage jobs and discarded on a whim.

America needs immigrants who are entitled to invest themselves in our free enterprise system, enjoy the protection of our labor laws and pay taxes to support our country.  But this would cut into multinational corporate profits, which is also why corporations are shipping American jobs out of the country and hiding their revenue offshore to avoid paying taxes.

Wake up, America! We’re getting played on both sides of the immigration issue. Instead of being manipulated by flame wars waged in the media, we need to unite as a multinational force for the good of all humanity. The solution is simple: allow people without a criminal record to obtain a work permit that would enable them to work anywhere in the world. In a global economy, if corporations can move their money and businesses wherever they want, workers should have the same rights.

~N. Logsdon Mandelkorn

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