Papers, please.

I’m heading to Arizona today.  My cousin, Edna, spends the winter in Mesa, and she needs my help to drive back to Ohio.  I hope to do some blogging about our cross country trip. In particular, I’m interested in finding out what people are thinking and saying about the new immigration law in Arizona. Just how draconian is this piece of legislation? Please post your opinions and comments about Senate Bill 1070.

Is boycotting Arizona a good way to make a statement? What are the problems Arizona is facing with immigration that prompted them to write and pass this law that requires police to check the immigration status of anyone who they deem suspicious of being in the country illegally? Are they targeting Latinos? What are some possible solutions?


4 responses to “Papers, please.

  1. juliann perron

    “States have no power to pass immigration laws because it’s an attribute of foreign affairs,”Just as states can’t have their own foreign policies or enter into treaties, they can’t have their own immigration laws either.”…all and all right now to 14 organizations and 10 individuals have filed suit in federal court. you can read it here

  2. Loraine, thanks for your comment and link. I read the article, and it just raised more questions for me. After spending the last few days in Arizona talking to residents and reading new reports, I feel as if both sides on this issue are simply screaming talking points into bullhorns. I’m still hoping to find some reasoned discussions on the issue along with potential solutions.

  3. this is my reponse!
    Read about the nursing mothers ripped from their children in AZ,etc.

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