It’s time to boycott BP!

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Americans should educate themselves about the history of oil and the British Petroleum (BP) oil corporation. Then, as informed citizens, consider whether they should make a statement by not purchasing BP gasoline.  It’s a tiny drop of a statement, but if enough people joined the boycott maybe we could make an impact.

I expect gas prices will soon be spiking higher than what many people can afford. So reducing our consumption of gasoline won’t be a choice.  But deciding where to buy gas is still a choice we’ll have to make.

Boycotts can work. Especially if you promote them with San Francisco-style queer flair, a marching band and a flashmob, singing a rendition of a Lady Gaga hit tune and touting your cause in a viral video.

To learn more about how to honor the hotel workers’ boycott and support these workers visit:…

This event was organized by:
San Francisco Pride at Work / HAVOQ
One Struggle One Fight
The Brass Liberation Orchestra

3 responses to “It’s time to boycott BP!

  1. juliann perron

    the backbone campaign has boycott kits free to download at…

  2. cool video. awesome cause. kudos to my brothers and sisters in SF. wish i could be with you. special hello to Nan.

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