Is reproductive freedom at risk?

After I characterized Chief Justice John Roberts’ appointment to the Supreme Court as a “gift that keeps on giving,” I discovered that I wasn’t the only one. In an article titled “Justice Roberts Hints He Could Overturn Roe,” which was posted January 24 on a conservative news site, Theodore Kettle wrote,

“Chief Justice John Roberts last week made it clear that the Supreme Court over which he presides will not hesitate to sweep away its own major constitutional rulings when doing so is necessary to defend America’s bedrock governing document.

“The announcement of that guiding core principle means two very big things. First, Roberts and his fellow strict constructionists on the court are now armed and ready with a powerful rationale for overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling if Justice Anthony Kennedy or a future justice becomes the fifth vote against Roe.

“Secondly, successfully placing Roberts atop the high court is beginning to look like former President George W. Bush’s most important legacy – a gift that will keep on giving for conservatives for decades.”

Being a progressive idealist, I was among the many who thought electing a Democratic president to work with majorities of Democrats in both houses of Congress was going to provide a counterbalance of enlightenment and social justice to right-wing corporate fascism.  But no matter how they legislate, their work can be overturned by this activist, conservative court determined to legislate from the bench.

This is very sobering indeed. Is there a silver lining in this dark cloud?

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