Americans don’t need health insurance!

How did health care become synonymous with health insurance? You may be thinking, “A well-funded, rapacious insurance lobby with a mass media bullhorn in the ears of  desperate Americans who are focused on survival.”

We all need health care, and we must pay for it, but health insurance isn’t required to accomplish this. By simply extending Medicare coverage to all Americans, everyone would have access to health care and our taxes would pay for it. So simple.

We Americans pay for a lot of stuff with our tax dollars. We support gambling, greed-addicted Wall Street Bankers on the backs of the working class poor; we destroy innocent people with our war machine as we turn their countries into piles of rubble; and we subsidize the Big Energy Industry as it pollutes and destroys our world instead of enacting stringent climate legislation.

If we’re paying for mega profits and mass destruction, why can’t we pay for our own health care too? Even empires need healthy worker slaves. Or have we the people become that disposable?

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