Birthers are Tea Baggers’ Kissin’ Cousins

Americans continue to be warned about the dangers of overeating—and with good reason.  We’ve been programed to consume massive amounts of crap. Same goes for our steady diet of infotainment masquerading as news.  It’s a three-ring circus, and we all have front row seats whether we want them or not. So send in the clowns!

Enter stage right-wing fringe, the Birthers, Kissin’ Cousins to the Tea Baggers,  led by ditzy spokeswoman Orly Taitz and amplified by the Limbaugh-Dobbs bullhorn. They insist President Obama wasn’t born in the US and—not being a natural born citizen—isn’t qualified to be president.  No matter the proof of his Hawaii birth certificate. Now they’re claiming to have found a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate.

I wonder why the Birthers didn’t target former presidential candidate John McCain for being born in Panama? That gooey glob of cotton-candy-mass-distraction could’ve been concocted with at least a thread of logical evidence wrapped around the hot air.  Sen. McCain really was born in Panama—to American citizens on a military base.

One response to “Birthers are Tea Baggers’ Kissin’ Cousins

  1. The Kenyan birth certificate has been proven to be bunk. A pretty good rundown can be read at

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