Follow the money: Health Care Reformers battle the odds

On his blog, Nate Silver has published some statistical models that demonstrate how the insurance industry’s lobby money is negatively impacting Health Care Reform legislation even with strong public support and clear public policy benefits. No surprise. The more money a legislator has received, the less likely they are to support the “public option.”

Silver wrote:

Special Interest Money Means Longer Odds for Public Option

‘As I lamented yesterday, health care is one of those areas where both popular opinion and sound public policy seem to take a backseat to protecting those stakeholders who benefit from the status quo. But can we actually see — statistically — the impact of lobbying by the insurance industry on the prospects for health care reform? I believe that the answer is yes…”

“To be clear, not all of the opposition to the public option is the result of special interest money. Most Republicans probably oppose it on general principle… But the money is why, even with 59-60 votes in the Senate and a President with high approval ratings, Democrats are facing an uphill battle on the issue.”

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