If you want health care for all, don’t get fooled!

First, pay attention! Then, question everything. There are massive propaganda campaigns in progress. Polls indicate that the majority of Americans are rallying around the health care reform cause, but disinformation landmines are everywhere.

Most Americans agree that we the people have a right to good health care.  Many liberals, independents and progressives are joining forces to lobby Congress. But, there are significant differences between the “public” option and the “single payer” plans that are being promoted by these advocates.

The health care reform rally planned for June 25th in Washington DC, is sponsored by a number of individuals, unions and organizations, such as Health Care for America Now (HCAN). In general, these groups are promoting the “public” option, which is shorthand for allowing the insurance industry to continue as is while including a public option that would ensure that health care be:  “high quality, affordable, comprehensive and accessible to all. “

They want to compromise with the insurance and drug lobbies in hopes of getting at least some changes. You’ll hear the public option groups saying or see some version of this reasoning on their websites and in their literature:

“Even though we all agree that a single-payer system is best in the long run, a public, non-profit, single-risk-pool, health care entity open to everyone must be an option, for now.”

But other advocates like Physicians for National Health Program or organizers like the 1payer.net  Health-Justice campaign don’t want to be sidetracked by incremental steps, and consider the “public” option a compromise that’s little more than papering over the dysfunctional and discriminatory for-profit health care system we currently have. They’re calling for single-payer now:

“Join us in making Medicare For All a reality…Help spread the word about Medicare For All — full health care access with free choice of doctor, no deductibles, no premiums, no co pays and no insurance company red tape. Help drive insurance company money-changers out of the temple of medicine.”

Ironically, the corporate-owned Republicans and Blue Dog Dems are screaming at top volume that a “public” option is just a slippery slope to “single payer” national health insurance or socialism.  They refuse to even consider a public option. And forget about single payer!

Yet with majorities in both Houses and a Democratic Administration, why are many Democrats refusing to consider a single payer option?  They won’t even have single payer’s projected cost-benefits  analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office.  It’s “not on the table,” they say,  because it “can’t” pass. All the while, acknowledging that a single payer system is the best option.

This is insanity. And the U.S. insurance-industry-controlled  health care system doesn’t provide much coverage for that malady.

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