Rally in DC to support single payer health care

On June 25th, advocacy organizations are calling for one million Americans to rally on Capitol Hill and demand Health Care for All Now. This is a fast-growing grass roots movement to establish health care justice for all Americans.

So spread the word, find a rally and stand up for your rights!

It’s encouraging to hear the voices demanding single payer health care growing in number and in volume.  Now is the time to for we the people to keep the pressure on.  Robert Reich was on Bill Moyers Journal last Friday talking about how Big Pharma, Insurance and other for-profit corporate interests are “swarming” all over Capitol Hill lobbying to keep their profits while denying sick people coverage.

Big Business makes a lot of money bilking the government and we the people out of every possible penny just to line their pockets, and they’re not going to give up their corporate welfare without trying to pull-off a lobbying Armageddon to maintain control of Congress.

On his blog, Reich wrote, “The next weeks will show what Obama is made of — whether he’s willing and able to take on the most formidable lobbying coalition he has faced so far on an issue that will define his presidency.”

On Truthout, David Swanson reported the rise in support for single payer health care in Congress for Congressman John Conyers’ health care plan. (H.R. 676)

Swanson wrote,  “A single-payer or “Medicare for all” system that eliminates for-profit health insurance and simply pays for everyone’s treatment by private doctors and hospitals of their choosing is also the only solution consistently favored by a majority of Americans in polls.”

But, President Obama is proposing cutting back on Medicare and Medicaid benefits to help pay for “health care reform.”

Medicaid and Medicare don’t provide adequate health care  coverage now! I suppose a lot of sick people just need to die so big drug and insurance corporations can continue to make a profit for their executives and shareholders.

And don’t confuse single payer national health insurance with a “public option” that’s being proffered by some. Nick Scala, with Physicians for National Health Care, is urging us to hold out for single payer, he  wrote:

“The difference between these choices could not be more stark: single-payer has at its core the elimination of U.S.-style private insurance, using huge administrative savings and inherent cost control mechanisms to provide comprehensive, sustainable universal coverage.

“The “public option” preserves all of the systemic defects inherent in reliance on a patchwork of private insurance companies to finance health care, a system which has been a miserable failure both in providing health coverage and controlling costs.”

Read the entire article here.

How did we the people  find ourselves in this dire strait when the solution is so simple? Shouldn’t it be illegal to make money on the suffering of sick people?

America, demand that your tax dollars pay for health care for all NOW!

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