Dr. Strangelove Lives!

So I’m watching Cheney’s demented, terrifying talking head float from one TV news platform to the next, repeating his defense of torture. And the media grunts are just letting him go on and on as if torture is defensible and anything that he says has merit.

This is a man who masterminded a policy of torture and implemented it internationally during this decade, and he’s rolling around openly and freely justifying his war crimes!

Then, I see other news stories about John Demjanjuk, the 89-year-old alleged former Nazi prison guard, who was dragged out of his house, moaning and in a wheelchair, to be extradited to Germany and prosecuted for 29,000 counts of accessory to murder during Word War II. All this while his family is begging for mercy, saying he’s too sick and frail to be deported.

And I think I’ve just entered the “Twilight Zone” where truth is twisted, endings are macabre and Dr. Strangelove is sitting in his comfy wheelchair grinning like a cat who just ate the canary.

This would wake me up screaming—if I were asleep. But I’m awake while most of America is still sleeping soundly.

~Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn

5 responses to “Dr. Strangelove Lives!

  1. Don’t think it’s about survival. Well, maybe for the ultra wealthy/powerful. But, then, they have nothing to really worry about. Still, given their need for more wealth and power, I’d venture a guess that despite their “positions”, they’re paranoid and insecure all of the place. Afraid of losing it all and then having to be one of the masses currently being “played” by them. Oh, the wonderful payback

    And, as far as the survival of the messes, they have no clue, perhaps intentionally so.

    Imagine seeing a motion picture set in the future and there’s a scene of a crowd of people whom appear to be relatively uneducated, mulling about aimlessly, scurrying to nowhere, and there are is a constant blare of brain-numbing political drivel — on loudspeakers, on mega screens, etc. Something out of Bladerunner and a lot of other movies. But, it’s not a movie. It’s a look at the direction in which the masses are headed. Kind of funny in a scary way.

    Regarding a Truth Commission. Didn’t they have those in the Inquisition? Truth Commission is probably a relatively new oxymoron. Imagine a Truth Commission to investigate whether or not there was a commission of a truth or untruth. Some more bogus crap on which to misspend money and time.

    And all to distract common folk from the BS that’s really going on and how our government isn’t as effective and it ought to be — especially given that they supposedly work for us!

    President Obama-won is going to need all the Power of the Force to accomplish his vision while constantly under the attack of people who think that the country is theirs and not that of all citizens.

  2. So true! Everyone fighting to survive, the lack of education and constant blaring of inane drivel from the telescreen….keeps the proletariat under control. And I’ve wondered the same thing about Chapman. The US vs. John Lennon is a great documentary, btw.

    Now the talking heads are clamoring for a Truth Commission to “investigate.” That’s how the culpable avoid exposure. They just sweep their crimes under the Truth Commission rug.

  3. LOL Nancy…well kind of.

    Agree it’s like some surreal nightmare about a carnival world gone mad due to too many phony realities. Some Strawberry Fields where mysterious forces behind the scenes don’t want you to get “hung about” the lack of real reality. A large proportion of the population are puppets who don’t see their own strings — manipulated by hacks pretending to be your governmental representatives, cultists disguised as religious leaders and snake oil salespeople masquerading as pundits and media stars. Makes you want to find Alfie and ask him what it’s all about?

    Still, he’d probably just shrug and laugh were you to find him — having taken the last train for the coast. And, he just might respond, “Nancy, my dear, just enjoy the ride. We’re all here for but a relatively short time…” Or, he just might say “You go, girl! Sic ’em Nancy!”

    • Great comment! So true. Thanks.

      It’s bizarre how the mainstream media are participating in–even energizing–this noisy Neocon propaganda campaign to cover up the systemic malfeasance of the Bush Administration.

      If people are only listening to the echo chamber for information, the constant repetition may well be working. Cheney and others have launched a full frontal assault on the truth with attacks, denials, leaks, blaming, and grandstanding.

      Welcome to the Ministry of Truth!

      • Dan Gersten

        The parallels between the previous administration and Nazi Germany are scary. I have little doubt that Cheney, Rove et al took some correspondence course from the Josef Goebbels School of the Big Lie — if you tell it enough times, people will believe you. And, far too many average and below average Americans are purposefully kept dumb and ignorant in order to be more easily manipulated. Lack of funding for education — hidden behind BS no child left behind propaganda, a neutering of the media, misdirecting the population through fear and celebrity (reality bs tv). It is downright scary. Where’s John Lennon and the revolution? Really makes you wonder not about the mysterious man on the knoll in Dallas but who really paid Chapman to kill John. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor to I see intrigue in every man dressed in black. Still, taking a step back, I think Nostradamus would be a little worried about how many days were left to us!

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