Stand for Peace & Justice!

Americans can’t afford to stop advocating for real change in US foreign policy.  United for Peace & Justice is sponsoring a National Call-In Day:

Tomorrow, May 12, join the National Call-In Day and let Congress know that while we support funding for the safe withdrawal of troops, and for diplomacy, economic assistance and humanitarian aid, we oppose more money for war. While making that call, urge them to co-sponsor a bill by Congressman James McGovern that would require President Obama to provide an exit plan for Afghanistan no later than December 2009.

The Obama Administration has asked Congress for another $83.4 billion in Supplemental funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As it stands now, the House Appropriations Committee has actually increased this amount to $94.2 billion. Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents that this war funding bill is not acceptable!

Join the National Call-in Day tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12! The Congressional switchboard number is 1-800-517-5696. Let them know that you reject another ‘blank check’ for war!

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