It’s time for a 3-day workweek

Wages are falling. Jobs are disappearing. American consumers aren’t spending. Most of us are just trying to survive.

It seems that in their frenzy for profits the financial industry minions have nearly killed the American cash cow! It’s shocking to think that the global economy is really that dependent on American excess and consumption.

But why are these Wall Street speculators still free to play their shill games and perpetrate their ponzi schemes? They suck millions out of our pockets, while the average worker is ground into fodder to feed their profits? Greed is their drug of choice, and the worker is the currency they use to score. We’re being held in economic slavery to these usury addicts!

Given all the evidence, why are these bald-faced bankers still able to conduct business as usual?  Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) recently admitted that the banks “own” Congress.  Ah yes, money is power; money talks.

But in a just world, wouldn’t everyone share in the effects of an economic slump as well as in the prosperity?  In a democratic nation, we the people would have the power to direct our own destiny, organize labor and retool the way we work. But democracy is not synonymous with capitalism. So we must struggle on for economic justice.

We have to innovate, and job- sharing is a good solution. A 3-day work week would be very beneficial to the American workforce. We’d likely earn a smaller paycheck, but with universal single-payer healthcare and affordable educational programs, we could make good use of our extra time.

We’d have more time to study and train to acquire new skills, to volunteer for our favorite charities and to be with our families. And we’d have have money to spend.

Of course, the money changers would have to be sent to rehab if we’re ever going to fix our system. (They’d be screaming, “No, no, no!”) Because no matter how much they have the greed addict thinks it’s never enough.

Think about it. A 3-day workweek is a good idea.

~Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn

2 responses to “It’s time for a 3-day workweek

  1. New concept to me. Agree w/Rebecca W about idealistic issue but it’s always better to challenge conventional wisdom.

  2. A 3 day work week sounds great, if a little idealistic in this productivity obsessed planet. But I love the idea that we could all build skills,volunteer, rebuild our wounded world on those days off. What if everyone tutored a child, repaired houses, or hoed weeds in a community garden one day a week? Think of the changes that might bring.
    Thank you for sharing your vision.

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