Obama’s Kenyan influence

I sincerely want President Obama to succeed, and I trust his judgment.

Yes, even though he seems to have some blind spots around the Bush administration’s torture policies and the questionable competence of his Geithner/Summers Treasury team.  It’s hard to imagine that he’s a closet ideologue who refuses to consider facts or a Manchurian candidate who secretly serves the Banker Oligarchs.

I prefer to think that he has an incredible amount of patience, a sincere belief in our ability to change and an extraordinary long-range vision.

I often compare his steady governing “pace” to that of a Kenyan long distance runner. President Obama is well aware of the arduous path ahead of him and apportions his energy accordingly. He doesn’t try to rush the administrative process, but seems to allow situations to unfold while he thoughtfully contemplates options, meanings and ramifications.

In the midst of this avalanche of devastating worldwide crises, his steady presence still inspires me to trust his leadership.  It’s a whole new era, America. We can learn a lot from him– if we pay attention.

–Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn

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