May Day observances

On May Day, through my kitchen window I can see that my backyard is drenched from several days of April showers; the deep green leaves of the trees have filled in to obscure an unsightly apartment building; the bright blooms of a few flowers I planted haven’t been dug up by the squirrels; and five feral kittens born on the equinox are playing on the woodpile, having already cast their magic spell that makes us love them. And I’m grateful for these simple gifts.

But many dark clouds still hover. Instead of celebrating fair labor practices, workers are demonstrating around the world to protest their enslavement to corporate greed and the financial crisis caused by casino capitalism.  In other neighborhoods, suicide bombers and predator drones terrorize families and destroy their lives. More cases of the swine flu are reported on the hour, feeding the specter of a worldwide pandemic.

Yet, even during these deadly and dangerous days, we still need the quixotic courage to see all the beauty and goodness Mother Nature bestows upon  we the people of the Earth. If we cannot envision and hope for a better world, we won’t be able to create it.  First hope; then act.

–Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn

2 responses to “May Day observances

  1. K. Morgan Mattison

    Nice words for living. I’m curious though….Why is it that the ‘powers that be’ lean so heavily on destruction, control, and greed when sane [I know that it’s a subjective term] humans reflect, just as you did, on the greatness of life? The greatness of life that we all can achieve.

    You know, the way I see it, we can respond to this destruction, greed, and control by jointly focusing on the technology available to us; the internet, cellular telephony, snail mail, and other means of communication, to ‘join hands,’ so to speak, and begin to replace these monsters, yep, monsters, that destroy, control, and horde. America has a ‘big money’ weapons industry. We self-justify by instigating violence globally so that we can sell our ‘destruction’ control equipment. We need to turn a new leaf and make some more equipment that can improve the state of humanity. Hey, that’s good money, literally, ‘good’ money!

    That is this, and this is that!

  2. Very nice.
    It’s important to keep the vision of what we want to see in the world alive!
    keep writing girlfriend!!

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