Question everything?

It’s better to ask the right question than to know the right answer.  The question mark is our most sacred symbol and essential for a free mind.  In these days of shock and awe, tortured logic and nonstop, mass media propaganda, we must question everything.

Along with our questions, we must listen thoughtfully to diverse views. We can agree to disagree, find consensus and make progress with our widely divergent points of view. Our ethics and principles can guide us, if we’ll allow them to take the lead.

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of President Obama’s leadership. Yet, I don’t agree with all of his decisions and policy pronouncements.  Americans must question him to help him succeed.  But, our goal should be success–not failure. Question, yes. Obstruction, no.

With eight years of illegal machinations and catastrophic failures to their credit, Republicans should accept responsibility for their choices and learn from their massive mistakes.

–Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn

# # #

With a huge news splash, one former Republican has taken a leap in the other direction.  Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has just switched his affiliation to the Democratic party.  Bravo, Sen. Specter! It’s a new day in America!

2 responses to “Question everything?

  1. Specter only cares about getting elected. He would join the Green Party if he thought that would maintain his senatorial power. I just wrote about this on my blog too.
    I don’t think democrats actually care about Specter as much as having a senatorial majority. Specter will be ditched as soon as he fails to pull enough votes.

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